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UW series underwater Roots blower


Product series:UW series underwater Roots blower



● Transmission method: belt;

● Air inlet and outlet: unique underwater air inlet structure, stable air intake;

● Cooling: The whole machine is immersed in water with good cooling effect;

● Body layout: compact dense type ;


Main Specifications:

◆ Flow rate: 0.6 ~ 120m³ / min;

◆ Raising pressure: 9.8 ~ 98kPa;

◆ Applicable speed: 500 ~ 2000RPM;

◆ Maximum temperature resistance: 500 ℃;

◆ Noise: None;


Special applications:

★ Notes: Please contact our company in advance for complicated working conditions such as high altitude operation, low frequency operation, low density gas transportation (helium)

★ Applicable: The product is especially suitable for the environment with high standard noise control, or to transport water-soluble special gas and high temperature gas.


UW series underwater Roots blower


Product description:

The UW series underwater Roots blower is a new generation of products with independent intellectual property rights and national invention patents. It has many advantages such as exquisite appearance, compact structure, no noise, low cost, easy maintenance, etc., and is configured with local or remote control

UW series underwater blowers are mainly designed for the traditional blowers that need to build machine rooms, arrange long pipes, high overall cost, need to be away from office places and densely populated areas, and consume a lot of cooling water in high-temperature processes.

UW series underwater blower adopts a semi-water inlet integrated structure with an external motor. The appearance is beautiful and generous. It can be placed on the spot near the process section. There is no need to build a blower room and noise reduction facilities. It can shorten the air supply pipeline and save the entire project cost.

The unique structural design of the UW series underwater blower effectively eliminates the airflow noise and mechanical noise during the operation of the blower. It can operate in a state of near silence, and can be flexibly arranged in areas with high noise requirements, such as inside the workshop, hospitals, and residential areas.

UW series underwater blowers are immersed in water during operation, so that the machine can transport extremely high temperature airflow, and the intelligent circulating cooling water device can effectively remove heat to ensure the stable operation of the whole machine at a constant temperature.

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